If you understand the significance of digital marketing for business, you know that you should always strive for more. When you acquire new knowledge and skills, when you find novel ways to tackle challenges, you demonstrate to clients or employees that you are the one who can enhance their operations.

Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced professional in digital marketing, you can’t help but wonder about the value of obtaining certificates in digital marketing.

It has become a widely accepted fact that a four-year degree is not necessary for digital marketing. It’s an arena where proven abilities replace years of schooling.

Many argue that digital marketing certification is even superior to a college degree, and companies quickly grasp the value someone educated and holding a recognized certificate in digital marketing can contribute to business improvement. Perhaps this is the best way to showcase that you’ve invested time and energy into learning and mastering the skills of your trade.

We want to introduce to you the ways in which recognized certification can enhance the value of your career in digital marketing.

What makes certification legitimate?

There are many certified courses being offered by various teams and individuals trying to make quick profits – so how do you know if the certificate is legitimate?

Answer these questions to determine whether the certificate and program you’re considering will be beneficial for your career:

Are the instructors in the program industry professionals?

If the people educating you on digital marketing topics lack experience in what they are teaching, you are wasting time and money. It’s crucial that the program’s instructors possess genuine and relevant practical knowledge applied in this industry. Every reputable marketing institution aims to engage instructors with proven expertise in the field they intend to teach.


Is the certificate widely recognized?

What do former students say after completing this course? Check what others think and talk about a specific program or certificate. Not all programs hold the same level of value, so compare certificates to make sure you know what you’ll receive upon completing the chosen program.


What does certification for digital marketing entail?

Certification involves attending a specific number of hours/modules and then passing an exam. In some cases, certification might be valid for only a certain period before you need to recertify. Additionally, there are certificates that, apart from being recognized and globally acknowledged, remain valid forever once obtained – no recertification process required.

What are certificates?

Certificates are awarded upon completing a course and usually cover a specific topic. They are often given for course participation and may not necessarily reflect mastery. This doesn’t diminish their value if they teach you something useful. Furthermore, many are free, requiring only an investment of your time. They can certainly enrich your CV.

  • Certified programs help you stay up-to-date with industry changes. Continuous improvement and staying abreast of digital skill innovations will keep you at the forefront of all the relevant information the industry carries.
  • One of the world’s preeminent media outlets, The Washington Post, states that 40 percent of graduates work in jobs that don’t require a degree. As a result, universities are racing to offer certificates before graduation to ensure students gain skills employers desire. So, if you want to land a job in digital marketing, holding certificates shows potential employers you possess practical knowledge.
  • Certification in digital marketing is where education and practical knowledge intersect.
  • With recognized qualifications in the field of digital marketing (especially at the master’s level), you should have the experience and knowledge to start your own business. Certification should also prove to potential clients that you understand what it takes to advance their business and that their investment (whether it’s money or time) would be worthwhile.

How much does obtaining a certificate cost?

That depends on what you’re looking to get certified in. There are many free certificates available online for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager, and others.

However, if you’re looking to invest in your career, certificates that offer in-depth and hands-on experience are incredibly valuable. Seek a certificate that will teach you skills and knowledge that can be readily applied in the field of digital marketing and can prove your value to an employer.

Whether you’re just starting out or already in the industry, obtaining an internationally recognized certificate crafted by industry experts will set you on the right path for you and your career.

Best of luck!