UX writing is a sought-after skill and an appealing career. This fascinating field involves writing and designing content for digital products to enable users to use them, engage with them, and generally provide a simple and pleasant user experience. Whether you’re looking to hire a UX writer for your team, start a career as a UX writer, or are already working in this field and want to compare your salary – this guide is for you. In it, we explore how much UX writers earn worldwide, as well as the factors influencing a UX writer’s salary. And if you’re new to the role, we’ll also touch on what a UX writer does and the essential skills for the job.

UX writers create text for websites, applications, and other digital products, but they are not the same as marketing writers. While marketing writers help sell products, UX writers write with the primary goal of improving and facilitating the user experience. This means that, in addition to writing micro-texts for menus, buttons, labels, error messages, and any other part of the user interface that requires them, they also conduct user research and help create the product’s voice. A UX writer is part of the UX team and has a fundamental understanding of the user, which they use to create texts that guide them through every step of their journey with the product.

How much do UX writers earn? UX writing is a relatively new field. As such, there isn’t much salary data available for UX writers currently. In fact, for some areas, there’s hardly any data at all. As this field develops, this will soon change – but for now, we have to work with what we have! There are several factors that affect a UX writer’s salary, including: Demand, Level of experience, Location, Remote work, and Employer. Many UX writers work in the technology industry, but even if their job title is the same, their compensation can vary. For example, UX writers at Apple are likely to earn more than those at Capital One.

Yes, UX writers are in demand. The short answer is yes. In fact, while UX writer is a common title, content designers, technical writers, and content strategists are also widely seen. UX writing is more sought after than ever, and the trend continues to grow as more people hear about UX writers and hire them, along with more people training to become UX writers. What skills do you need to become a UX writer? There is no standard profile for a UX writer. As a relatively new field, there is no one-size-fits-all path, and you will notice that UX writers come from various professional backgrounds. Therefore, all UX writers must demonstrate the following skills: Writing skills, UX design principles, User empathy, Content strategy, and A learning and growth mindset.

How to become a UX writer UX writers are increasingly sought after. There are plenty of job openings, and the demand is only expected to grow. If you want to join this discipline and become a UX writer, you can make yourself more attractive to employers by taking a course in UX design, UX writing, or content design. For example, the Digital Communications Institute offers a professional certificate in content design lasting 10 weeks. You can also take a short course on UX design fundamentals at the UX Design Institute.